Scholarship and award

2017 Brooklyn College Scholarships

A. Entry Scholarship: Awards to those newcomers with excellent English proficiency scores.

a. $800–IELTS overall averages 6.5 and above or TOEFL iBT 90 with writing above 19.

b. $1200– IELTS overall averages 7.0 and above or TOEFL iBT 99 and above with no strands below 20.


i. The English proficiency test scores is based on the time when applying to the school study.

ii. Below the above scores at time of application, but reach the above scores when registration at school, is still eligible for Entry Scholarship.

iii. English proficiency test scores are subject to minimum one year effective.

iv. Eligible candidates can only be awarded one of the above scholarships.

v. Qualified candidates are recognized of scholarships in Entry Scholarship Certificate. If proof of qualified English proficiency scores is provided at the time of application, the school will endorse it also in the school’s Acceptance Letter. The equivalent money to the scholarship will then be directly deposited into the Student Account and it cannot be cashed out by the student, except in situation when the student has graduated from our school with his or her Student Account balanced.

B. Continuous Enrolment Scholarship For students from Grades 7-11:

$1000: The second year of enrolment study (Grades 11-12)

$1500: The third year of enrolment study (Grades 10-12)

$2000: The fourth year of enrolment study (Grades 9-12)

$3000: The fifth year of enrolment study (Grades 8-12)

$3500: The sixth year of enrolment study (Grades 7-12)