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A Guide for Traveling

A Guide for Traveling

This popular service provides an excellent introduction to Toronto and allows for a smooth transition to your new home. Students must provide details of their flight prior to their arrival in order to use this service.

In order for our international students to have a smooth transition in their new surroundings, a comprehensive orientation program is provided for all new students prior to the commencement of each semester.

Orientation includes the following:

-Campus familiarization

-Meeting with the staff and teachers

-Course and program information

-Opening a bank account

-Registering for City of Toronto Library Card

-Familiarization with the Health Insurance Plan

-Public transit information

-City of Toronto information

-Canadian legal information

Health Insurance Plan
International students wishing to study in Canada are required, by law, to have Health Insurance Coverage. SOIA provides international students with a Health Insurance Plan covering all major health services such as doctor visits, prescription coverage, laboratory testing, etc. International students must pay an annual fee of $600 for this service.

The Canadian government requires that international students under the age of 18 must retain a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident as his/her legal guardian. This legal guardian will assume the roles and responsibilities of a parent for the student. Brooklyn college offers guardianship services for international students that do not have any Canadian friends or family members able to take the role as a guardian.