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In order for our students to have a smooth transition to their new surroundings, a comprehensive orientation program is provided for all new students prior to the commencement of each semester.

Additional orientation services for international students:

-Opening a bank account

-Registering for a City of Toronto Library Card

-Familiarization with the Health Insurance Plan

-Public transit information

-City of Toronto information

-Canadian legal information

Medical services
To help students apply for health insurance, the school will send special personnel to assist students to carry health insurance payments.

Homestay & Airport Pick up

If our new international students wish to live with a friendly Canadian family, we will make arrangements for them to do so. We will let them know the details approximately two weeks before their departure for Canada. Upon arrival in Toronto, we will send a friendly and helpful driver to pick them up at the airport and take them to the school, where they will meet their Canadian host family. If a student so desires, we will find a Homestay Canadian family who can speak the student’s first language.

Bank Cards & Mobile Phone Services

We provide guidance to students when they open a bank account and apply for a mobile phone service.

1. Bank Account: When opening an account, students need to bring their Student Visa, Passport and a school letter. The two basic types of bank card: Debit Card and Credit Card.。Debit Card: funds are withdrawn from cardholder’s account, from the remaining balance. Credit Card: Delivery of $500 as deposit to the credit card, the limit for first overdraft of this credit card is $500. With upgrade of credit rating, the card holder’s overdraft limit will be increased.

2. Apply for mobile phone service:one of Canadian major telecommunications company Rogers for example, when opening account, students need to bring with student visa, passport and school letter to a local Rogers Service Center, obtain and complete an application form, listen to the customized phone service plan introduction by the shop assistant, then selecting a phone plan interested. Rogers’ mobile phone service plan usually needs to sign a contract. For example, if you contract an Iphone4 plan, you can use an iPhone 4 with the customized mobile phone service plan and 3G internet accesses at the cost of around $100 per month.