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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Students are required to have medical insurance. The school can provide the opportunity for medical insurance through a group policy if so desired. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the student to provide proof of adequate medical coverage. The parent/guardian or student (if over the age of 19) agrees to assume responsibility for any injury resulting from participation in school activities. All school activities are sufficiently supervised to ensure the safety of all participants. The school is not responsible for any loss or injury by the student during travel to and from Brooklyn College.

Brooklyn College provides students with medical insurance from TiSi student insurance company. The following are features of this company:

- Easy enrolment: Via email, fax, website(Tisi Online System)

- $2,000,000 of emergency healthcare coverage

- No deductible or co-insurance (covers 100% eligible expenses)

- Ground and air ambulance coverage

- Semi-private hospitalization

- Use of any doctor or hospital anywhere in the world

- Coverage for diagnostic tests (including laboratory and X-rays)

- Assistance line - 24 hours per days, 7 days a week

- Roundtrip transportation for one family member to bedside if illness or injury warrants

- Drugs and medicines which require a written prescription (up to 30 days supply)

- Emergency Dental coverage including pain and suffering (min. 2 months coverage)

- Vision care - one non-emergency exam per year (min. 6 months coverage)

- One non-emergency Annual Check-up per year (min. 6 months coverage)

- No Exclusion for War, Riot, Insurrection or Terrorist acts

- Up to 30 days of coverage for side-trips (exclusions)

- Daily rate - pay only for the number of days needed