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Applying for your Study Permit

International students wishing to obtain their study permits must complete the following steps:

1. After receiving admission into Brooklyn College, obtain a formal Letter of Acceptance and tuition receipt from the school.

2. If the student is under the age of 18 before the commencement date of study, as seen on the Letter of Acceptance, the Government of Canada requires international students to have a Canadian citizen or permanent resident as his/her legal guardian. This legal guardian will assume the roles and responsibilities of a parent. Brooklyn College also provides guardianship services to those international students who do not have Canadian friends or family in the country.

3. Submit the Letter of Acceptance, tuition receipt and other documents to the Canadian Visa Centre.

4. Obtain Canadian Immigration approval and passport with Canadian re-entry Visa.

5. Upon arrival in Canada, you must visit the Immigration office to receive a formal study permit.

Extending your stay in Canada

It is important to pay attention to your Study Permit and Canadian re-entry Visa to make sure that it does not expire.
It is highly recommended that one month before the expiration date, you visit the Student Service office with your required documents for the extension application.
For a list of the required documents, send an email to service@brooklyncollege.ca or speak to the Student Services department at the school.