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Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Brooklyn College organizes an annual graduation ceremony for our graduates in summer. Family, relatives and good friends of the graduate are invited to participate in the ceremony.

Students are welcome to send an invitation to their parents, inviting them to participate in this important life moment. The Visa Officer of Canadian Embassy will not refuse the Vsa application, if it is for attending the graduation ceremony.

Every school has a unique graduation ceremony. Generally, the graduation ceremony is held on the school campus. Graduates wear gowns and wait in a queue with their fellow graduates before entering the hall. The principal of Brooklyn College gives a speech at the beginning of the ceremony. Graduates seated at the first few rows, relatives and friends seated at back rows. Graduates are directed by the host according to their major of study and class, receiving OSSD graduate certificate and shake hands with the principal.

After the ceremony, graduates can take photos at campus and share with relatives and friends joy of that moment.