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Preparing Baggage

Preparing Baggage

Below is a list of items that you will require:

1. Winter wear 1 or 2 down jackets (thick coat) (sweaters or jackets can be worn inside)

2. Spring and Autumn clothing

3. 1-2 long sleeved shirts

4. 5-10 short-sleeved t-shirts (our building is very warm, so you will be able to wear a t-shirt or light long-sleeved shirt inside)

5. Trousers and undergarments

6. 2 pairs of sport shoes, 2 pairs of winter boots, several pairs of socks, a pair of leather gloves, a hat and a scarf

7. Electronic Dictionary

8. Laptop (required - you will need this at both home and school)

9. Stationary

10. Passport sized photographs

11. Notarized copy of original grades from high school (Chinese and English, signed and sealed in envelope)

12. Cash and / or credit card