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Student Awards

Student Awards

Good behaviour, academic growth and success does not go un noticed at Brooklyn College and as such students are recognized and awarded for their success! Student awards are based on midterm and & final grades.

Awards for June 2015

Most Improved: Bai, Haorong (Kaylee)
Leadership: Park, Kyongseo (Nicole)
Good Citizenship: Ma, Yuhan (Octavia)
Academic Excellence: Geng, Liangfeng (Aston)

Awards for June 2014

Most Improved Female: Chen, Siying
Most Improved Male: Zheng, Qiwen
Female Leadership Award: Zhang, Xiao
Male Leadership Award: Fan, Bo

Awards for February 2012

Most Improved English: Li, Jing (Lee)
Most Improved Grade: Zhang, Zhibin (Leo)
Most Improved Behaviour: Liu, Zepu (Frank) Highest Mathematics Grade: Xing, Anjie (Joanna)
Good Citizenship: Chen, Siduo (Jack)