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About Brooklyn

About Brooklyn College

At Brooklyn College, our primary goal is to prepare our students to succeed in their post-secondary education. We provide quality education for those who seek to improve their lives through learning. Offering outstanding educational opportunities, we prepare our students to adapt to a constantly changing world.

The Brooklyn College experience begins in the classroom with our distinctive curricula and educational programs that foster creativity, critical thinking and effective communication. We believe that social interaction and intellectual achievements are essential to the learning process and can be best promoted in a family oriented, teacher directed and disciplined environment. We value and appreciate worldwide perspective and culture that both domestic and international students bring to the campus. Studying at Brooklyn College provides students with a remarkable head start in their future studies. We pride ourselves in helping the students prepare themselves for future educational and real-world challenges and opportunities.

School Philosophy

Brooklyn College believes that emotional and physical development, social interaction, intellectual and artistic achievements are all essential factors in the educational process and can be best promoted in our family oriented, teacher directed and disciplined environment. Brooklyn College provides small class sizes for our students where our teachers focus on academics and healthy living in preparation for both university and future careers in an enriched, caring and secure environment. Upon completion of their studies, students will become critical, creative thinkers and problem solvers.

International Student Services

International students play a central role in the college community. At Brooklyn College, it is easy to become involved in campus life and make lifelong friendships. Providing students with a quality education at an affordable price has always been a top priority. The International Student Service Office is here to assure that all international students make a smooth transition into our school culture and student life. We will also assist students with any academic issues, paperwork, transportation from the airport, home stay and other challenges a new student may face.

Our Student Services staff can speak various languages such as Chinese, Indian, and Persian and can easily be reached to answer any of your questions or concerns.


At Brooklyn College, students experience positive, quality learning, in a safe environment located on a 15,000 square foot property in North York, Ontario. Computers and Wi-Fi are available on site. Students can also use the library, dormitory, sport facilities, and health and employment services. The classrooms are equipped with high quality audio-visual equipment including projectors, DVD players.


Our faculty consists of professionals who are mentors, role models, and experts in their field of study. Not only do they make themselves available, but they also support our strong academic programs by encouraging their students to be interactive and collaborative in their learning and to promote critical thinking skills.

Flexible Choices

Brooklyn College has 5 annual admission dates. This ensures that students can enroll in our school in accordance with when they receive their study permit.

3.July (Summer Term)
4.August (Summer Term)

Student Support

In addition to offering formal academic courses, Brooklyn College also provides extra learning support to students in academic areas like English, Math and Computer studies. We also support our student by providing a variety of high quality and convenient services such as course selection and visa extension service. This ensures that our students can concentrate on their studies and achieving their full potential.

Small Classes

Each class has an average of 15 students who are divided into smaller teams for discussion and counseling. Our small classes also allow for our teachers to individually care for each student and solve their problems in a timely manner.

Parental Information & Involvement

Brooklyn College has advanced online attendance, in class quizzes and a final grade reporting system. Daily attendance is reported to the office on a daily basis and performance reports are submitted to the office at two separate times during each semester. Parents are always more than welcome to contact our staff directly via email or phone.


Brooklyn College will offer students scholarships to its students, in accordance with each semester’s performance.